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Winter Care

Safety, meet style.

Canadian winters can be harsh. Protecting your vehicle from the elements will keep it performing higher, looking beautiful, and driving safely. Shop anti-aquaplaning tires, wiper fluid, jackets, and more to ensure you and your car don't let winter get in the way.

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CLP_Winter_Secondary_2 (2).jpg

Mercedes-Benz AMG 5-Spoke & Pirelli Winter 210 Sottozero Serie II Tire Kit - 18"


Mercedes-Benz Window Defrosting Agent


Don't mess with winter

In unforgiving Canadian winter conditions, you'll be glad you opted to have winter tires installed. At Mercedes-Benz we've manufactured wheels to match your vehicle's specifications that will keep grinding in snow, sleet, and extreme cold. We've also partnered closely with tire companies to make sure their tires fit as well as if we'd made them ourselves, only giving the seal of Mercedes-Benz approval to the best tires, built to perform in the same winter conditions, and the perfect fit.

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